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Kodak 6850 paper problem


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Pls help! I just received a refurbished Kodak 6850. After fitting the paper and ribbon the printer starts up okay and then indicate "Paper Empty". The "Paper Advance" button doesn't do anything when pressed while I made sure the paper is on the red line... Any ideas on how this can be resolved?


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Switch off the printer, remove paper and ribbon from the machine, close all doors and switch on the printer. When it says "paper empty" load ribbon and paper but put the paper a few cm more in than the red line. Load paper.

What is different?? When you switch on the printer without paper and ribbon all motors initialise and the roller which feeds the paper are closed.

Good luck

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I just remembered, yesterday I managed once to get the printer to take the paper. It gave me 5 blank (white) 4x6 photos, I then requested a test print, the printer printed a 6x8 greyscale photo and directly indicated "Paper Empty". Let's just hope this doesn't happen again and again... Will post an update after following the steps recommended by blusther. Thanks again :-)

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Thanks a million! Your advice worked :-)

It's the first time I use this printer but I'm happy with ny purchase from aaaimaging! only $450.00 (x2 if you add skipping to South Africa)

I want to start event photography (part time) Now, my next step is to learn how to take a photo with my Nikon D80, view it right away on my laptop (perhaps add a template of the venue/function) and then print within seconds to sell. Let me know if anyone can assist with advice, when I connect the camera to the printer it goes to PC mode and I can not take photos while in PC mode.... Pls help!

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The proposed method worked, thanks! I have a few more questions...

1. What is "Waiting Time"? I found this when I was going through the menu and ended up changing it. Now I don't know what it's supposed to be and how to change it back..

2. "Energy Saving mode", I suppose this should be ON? Or is it normally ON (default) unless you select Off?

3. At home I'll use the printer occasionally for an hour and at a venue for upto about 5 or 6 hours. I suppose it's best to leave it on the whole time at a venue rather than turning the printer ON and OFF regularly, correct?

4. Re. the above, I'm a bit worried that when I turn the printer OFF and ON the next day, it may go back to the "Paper Empty" screen - then I will have to load it up again and the printer will waste 5 4x6 prints each and every time...? Or should it not happen?

Looking forward to any advice/feedback  


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