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Connecting System 89 to an G3 Kiosk


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Yesterday I did had a maintenance on a System89 and the customer of mine asked me if I could install new software on here minilab.

No problem so I made a complete back up of the system and wrote the IP adres and Workgroup and Computername just in case ........ I wanted to go quickly back home  ;)

The System 89 was back in production and everything worked well except the connection with the System 89 vs Kiosk G3 ( 2 of them btw)

I did a complete installation of the System 89 and also the KIAS enabler ..... when I check the DLS connection (inside the software of the Kiosk) it says "Found" .

So connection should be no prob ..... but when I try to sent an order the order cann't be sent when the Kiosk says "cann't connect to the minilab (DLS)"

I didn't change anything in the Kiosk itself.

Has anyone had this prob. and perhaps can tell me what I still can do.

I'am not very familiar with these kiosks but establishing a connection was in the past no problem and mostly worked ofter changing the IP.

But now is a prob for me and perhaps you can modify some parameters in this kiosk to make it work again ....... or my version of the KIAS is not OK .... :-/

Hope someone can help me with this one ......

Gr. Wallie

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Hi there again,

Blusther, Pskaro and Frenchman all thnx for your help !

I had to change the IP adres in " KiasServerSDK.properties " after this action everything went well !

I updated myself with this matter and keep the information for future actions !!

Thnx again for the quick responses so I can move on to the next one  ;) !

Gr. Wallie   ;)

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