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5'' Apex media


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Do you mean the special borderless 5R media kit for the 7015 printer? (Is this kit even available?)

Off the standard 6R media kit for the 7000 printer you can get 500 5x7's with borders.


Yeah it the borderless 5R kit that i need to find out how many you get.

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I don't know, but I can guess.

To make a 7015 Kodak will cripple a 7000 or 7010 so that it can only print 5x7's. Then they'll make 5R receiver by cutting 6R an inch short. So you'd get 500 5x7's off the 5R kit, same as you would off the 6R.

Like I say, just a guess. Let me know if I'm wrong.

(Pretty sure this stuff isn't really available though.)


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The 5" media is a standard product line  Cat no 812 2962 and will be available for some years yet, as it was only launched late 2008.

The 7000 printers modified to take the 5" roll, turns out this was a firmware modification plus some packing for the paper  guides when loading a roll.

Kodak are pulling theses printers put to be replaced by the 7015 which has been out some 7 months which will only ever take 5" media .With the correct firmware the modified 7000 will revert back to 6" media

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