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3202 digital ice error


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Issue 1)

hey all recently our machine has started to play up...

ie one time it had about 160 prints on queu.. and wasnt printing anything....

we had to cancel all teh prints, and run it again.. then 2 days ago same thing...

this morning.... the daily setup sheets were black with green lines, and random blue ones were coming out etc...  kept complaining about digital ice? anyone have any clue as to whats going on?

after many tries nad runnign setups etc.. we managed to get it to print

but changing print channel... or chagning source gives a digital ice error... and canels any proceeding orders in the queue..

Issue 2)

Also - does ur noritsu jam paper after lets say 200+ prints? We've found taht after putting through a large order the system always says tehre is a jam in the printer section

Issue 3)

Im not sure if the above problems are because of the digital ice thingy...

but i today, decided to try and swap out the processor for something faster...

will that be bad for the system? *the system boots up etc* this is done after the foresaid problems, so isnt cthe cause of them...

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Whoe.. I would not complicate matters by changing the PC, you have enough problems as it is.

Your first problem with it saying the paper has jammed in the processor? I take it the prints come out as normal. Obviously if they are jamming you need to check the wet section. If they are coming out its normally either the sensors on the dryer exit are not working, (Clean them) or more likely the arc net communication between the processor and the rest of the printer, basically as each print comes out it sends a signal saying yes it came out. Clean the arc net fibre optic cables at the paper processor end, below the drier window, Arc net testing software is good for telling you if its OK once you have cleaned all the receptacles of dust and debris.

Your Digi ICE PCB are in the back of the CS1 and these can play up with the vast amount of dust that collects on all the PCB,s Very carefully remove the PCB,s and clean. TAKE CARE AS THEY CAN EASILY BE DAMAGED BY ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE AND THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE. a soft paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner should be enough.

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hmmph jamming always happens... the prints dont keep going... it jams and stops... but theres no jam we can see.. just wastes 4x 4x6 prints all the time... no idea it happens a lot...

yeah so no real biggy, just was wondering if others had the same problem...

mmm will take a peak around the back tommorow....

we'll we'll see if its the cpu, and swap back the old one, but its exhibiting problems cause of the digi ice probably... so will tell my manger we need to give it a clean.. maybe?... i dont know what the cs1 is, but im sure he would :D

thanks magenta :D

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The CS1 is the desk section that the PC and scanner sits on, remove the rear panel, The digi Ice and special correction PCB,s are all at the bottom with a fan for cooling hence the dust, check the square air filters on the side of the desk they often get overlooked.

Going back to your jam, from the little bit you say and the fact that four prints get wasted, do you have to lift the printer lid and remove 2 or 3 prints from the arm units and maybe one more from the paper advance unit, the rest carry on through the paper processor as normal. If so you have a break in one of your arm cables, They move back and forth thousands of times a day and you can get a break in one of the wires that may stop the arm going to receive the print or not grab it when it does (Paper hold motor) Its not uncommon on a machine that has done a lot of work and replacing the loom is a pain in the bum as its h got hundreds of cable ties that need to be just so, so the cable runs in the guides correctly. If the above is a load of tosh more info please.

Change the PC when the rest is working well.

Hope the weather is better in Sydney than it is here, its P**ing it down.

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mmmm yeah we lift the printer lid and remove prints from the arm units, and yeah ur absolutley correct... (then we gotta restart teh order) cause our machine cancels the prints once it "jams" those that made it trhough the section come through as per normal. You'r spot on mate!

Once we restart printing its fine... for another 300ish photos (if we're printing 1000 photos etc)...

Never jams on smaller orders... managers solution- remove teh prints, and make sure the arms can move, etc and that the funy black fat wire thing its connected to, can run smoothly..

and restart the order, but that gets old after a while hahah :P - its not that big a problem, we can live with that one :)

mmm its hot and hotter down here.. hot as no rain :( wish there was some :P

cant tell u more about the other problems, cause its like 12:55am here time for sleep haha :P

Thanks for your assistance and advice on the machine :D

btw: what noritsu are u using?

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