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Drylab APEX??


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Hello everybody :)

sorry for my English

I'd like to know if someone owns a Drylab APEX Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange System

I want to change my minilab and I'm interresting by apex

I don't have lot of production but I need it.

Are you satisfied with the pictures?

is  4x5 inch format  (for 4 / 3) exist?

is it expensive?

thank you for your answers

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APEX is a solution for the future of minilbs.The quality is FANTASTIC and you get two finishes without changing media.In India many small optical minilabs have switched to APEX and are happy.

Do not look only at print cost ,but consider other savings such as lower power consumption,no chemical inventory,reduced paper inventory,less floor space compared to a minilab,no darkrooms/darkbags and if you have a suitable UPS you can even operate it when there is no power.

The basic PC is usually a Lenovo which means backup and recovery is dead easy(no expensive technician bills) the operating software is really easy to use and if you can keep your shop dust free even the printers will give you good service.

On a sad note you may have to downsize your staff

Regards and Cheers

Contact me if you still have doubts

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