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Printhead 6800


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this is not possible to move the head position from your printer .Try to upgrade the firmware of the printer,upgrade the firmware of the printer correct a lot of problem like ribbon advance , thermal control of the headprinter etc.....

you can find the firmware and many things here :http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-path=12078/14398&pq-locale=en_US


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Thank you Frenchman for your advice.

Maybe it's better to describe my problem.

I use one of my printers on a computer. Sometimes I have to print pictures they have to look like that they are already being framed. But on this printer the picture is not exact in the middle. The space between the left and the right edge are different. How can I correct this problem?

Thank you in advance,


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Good news for you, there is an adjustment, what I don't know if it is only available with latest firmware versions. Be very carefully doing this adjustment. If you do something wrong don't cry. I will explain exactly what you have to do, follow it step by step. 1st you need a second person to switch on the printer while you are busy pressing 4 buttons at the same time and it is nearly impossible to keep all 4 buttons pressed until you pass the menu.

1. swich off the printer

2.open the top cover

3.press and hold pressed "+", "Menu", "Enter","Advance" buttons while turning on the printer

after initializing  the printer display will flash "System Setup" until then keep the all 4 buttons pressed.

4. Now release the 4 buttons

5. close the top cover

6. wait until the display shows ready

7.when the display shows ready press menu button until "MechaParam Set is displayed

8.press "Enter"

9.Press "Menu" until Side Offset is displayed.

10.Press "Enter"

11.using "+" and "-" keys, change the offset values (higher number shifts image to the right)

12.Press "Enter"

13.Press "Clear"

14.Press "Menu" key to display Top Offset

15. Repeat steps 10 to 12 to change the Top Offset (Higher number shifts image down)

16. Press "Clear" until Ready appears

17.make testprint to determine if you need further adjustments.

18. When done reboot the printer to leave the System Setup mode

AGAIN: BE CEARFULLY it is not my fault if you do something wrong. I checked it on a 6850 and it works

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