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How's the quality of 7000 printer of APEX system?


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We are doing in excess of 250000 prints a year on the APEX and the consumers love them, no machine down time, if one printer fails I still have more

so no moaning customes about slow service.

Theses prints are done for the retail sector though not the pro sector for whoch we have a wet lab.

Boots/Kodak lead the way with instant prints, we still have customers comming in using our Boots Kiosks (Kodak G4's)

but who cares what they call them they think the prints are great and they pay the wages , not the odd moaning PRO who always

want things done for nothing.

Retailers cannot go wrong with the APEX, monkeys can use them and I can employe Retail Staff not Tech Guys,

whilst I play with the 7800 and the Wet Lab

As with everything in life its where you see your position in the High Street to the products you use.

We have looked at the Fuji/Noritsu lab and its great but its no different to using a wet lab if it goes down you are dead

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