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Hi again everyone. First, thank you for all the help I received from everyone.

This is the situation.

I installed v.1.2.

They run great for awhile then after rebooting, I get configuration errors  at start up.

The only thing I did was upgrade the 256 meg memory chip to a 512.

I dont think that start up configuarion errors are related to the memory because if I hit F2 to resume, the machine starts.

Does anyone have the bios settings written down or have access to? Kodak wants to sell me a service contract which I dont need. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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parameters for bios to G3 kiosk kodak

.BIOS Setup utility

Connect a keyboard then power on the console.

At the IBM Splash screen, press the F1 key momentarily.

After approximately 20 seconds you should see the menu titled "IBM Setup Utility"


Use the left, right, up and down arrow keys to navigate to within the Setup Utility.

Press the enter key on the selected option you wish to change.

Press the Esc key to return to the previous screen.

Refer to the menu at the bottom of the screen for additional help.

BIOS / BOOT Passwords

It is possible to configure passwords in the BIOS settings to restrict access and prevent the system from starting.

Kodak do not use such passwords and they should not be configured on a customers kiosk.

If the system prompts for a password when booting or accessing the BIOS, enter the password if known.

If not known you can clear the BIOS to factory defaults by removing the 'Coin Battery' fitted the motherboard.

With the battery removed for 30 seconds all BIOS settings including passwords are reset to default, password = disabled

BIOS The default settings from IBM should be used for any settings except those specified below.

For the SLIM LS Monty

5CU, B7U, 32U, B2U, LU9 D1U, 64U,5CU

Main System Time - check / set as required

System Date - check / set as required


USB Setup

USB Device Support [Enabled]


Startup Sequence

Primary Startup Sequence

First Startup Device [Removable]

Second Startup Device [CD/DVD-ROM]

Third Startup Device [Hard Disk 0]

Fourth Startup Device [Disabled]

Error Startup Sequence [Primary]

Keyboard less Operation [Enabled]

Option Keys Display Style [Legacy]

Startup Device Menu Prompt [Disabled]


Plug and Play Operating System [Yes]


ACPI Standby Mode - [s1]

APM BIOS Mode - [Disable]

After Power Loss - [Power On]


“Display Message during BIOS Initialization” shall be disabled.

For the Monty D1U, 64U

BIOS Settings (Load Default Settings First):

Flash EEPROM Revision Level – 21KT19AUS*

*Note: Flash EEPROM Rev Level of disk image creation PC. 19 is the minimum level for Target PCs.

Restore the ‘Default’ Settings then make Changes from ‘Default’ highlighted below;

Make the following changes to the BIOS for the product (All others remain set to the Default Setting)

Configuration/setup Utility Menu, Start Options, Startup Sequence

Primary Startup Sequence

First Startup Device [Diskette Drive 0]

Second Startup Device [CD ROM]

Third Startup Device [Hard Disk 0]

Automatic Power ON Startup Sequence [Disable]

Error Startup Sequence [Primary]

Configuration/setup Utility Menu, Start Options

Keyboard less Operation Mode - [Enabled]

Configuration/setup Utility Menu, Date and Time

Set current date and time.

Configuration/setup Utility Menu, Advanced Setup, Plug and Play Control

Plug and Play Operating System - [Yes]

Configuration/setup Utility Menu, Power Management,

ACPI Standby Mode - [s1]


APM BIOS Mode - [Disable]

Automatic Hardware Power Management - [Disable]



- These changes speed up the PC boot.

- This BIOS shows devices during boot.

- This BIOS is available in models 2030 & 2940 (Not on 2903 & 2906)

Adv. Config Options:

BIOS Support for Bootable CD-ROM - Set to Disable

BIOS Support for INT13Extensions - Set to Disable


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