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Kodak Picture Kiosk 2.0


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Hi everybody!  I just wanted to let you all know if you have not yet heard that Kodak is upgrading the kiosk software to v2.0 very soon.  The ship date for CVS stores is November 3.  The big thing for us is that we will be able to take photo gift orders directly on the kiosk and it will send them out via the internet to Photo-This, the company that handles photo gifts for CVS.  Also new is a "tabbed" interface, revamped home screen, and updated attract loops.  Also, if your digital media has over 100 photos, you have the option to sort by date, or if there are more than 2 folders, you can view by folder hierarchy.

I will update this thread when I get my hands on it but if anybody wants to know about changes between v1.6 and v2.0 I would be glad to answer any questions.  CVS corporate is very excited about this update as am I personally.

Will anybody else be getting this for their G3 or G4 or does this sound like something just for CVS?

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We don't have our hands on 2.0 just yet.  We should be getting it in from UPS on monday I am hoping.  Kodak sent us a card reader firmware update a while ago which enabled SDHC cards.  Maybe 2.0 rolls back that firmware?  If that is the case, I have the CD with the firmware update on it, I can send it to you if you can verify your firmware version with mine, I can tell you if we match up or not.

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Have applied the software patch for version 2 software that is available at KODAK website and ran the SCM upgrade again so the version number has gone up again.  Also got a firmware patch for the KODAK printer 68xx and this seems to have alll gone to plan.  Problem I seem to have is that the CD/DVD unit now only seems to read CDs.  diagnostics report the drive as a TEAC DV-W28SLW and the outer case label reads CD/DVD.  Sure i could read DVD data discs of jpegs before this update.  Any suggestions anyone? :-/

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What sort of picturemaker are you using - G3 or G4? From memory, it is only G4 units that have DVD units installed.

You can install a cd/dvd unit into a G3 with no problems, but even with V2 software, it will not make picture movie DVD's.

But it does READ DVD's with no problems.

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I have read a post whre I can read that it can update Kodak Picture Kiosk Software g3 v5.2 to g4 2,0.

Is it really Possible?

How to?

Whre can I Download KODAK Picture Kiosk Software, Version 2.0?

Could Somebody Post a Link where i can donwload it?

Thank You Very Much

PD.: " I have th KPM Kiosk since 2004 and i´d like to try something new on it.

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