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NO backprint logo Print Kit for Kodak 68xx printer


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It is possible if you know where is the information for reading the ribbon, but mechanically fitting other paper and ribbon can be the problem, and also there is the problem if the result from another ribbon and paper will be satisfactory, and off course if you have problem with the printer warranty is lost.

I am not saying more then this on this subject because I am guessing that somebody from Kodak will be reading this also  :X

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As most ribbon/paper comes from China I guess that would be a good place to start.But one issue could be,what version of firmware will give the best result.Ribbon matching should not be a problem.Also head temp can be adjusted for setting image quality.

If not the holy grail of color profiling exists.

Psst if you guys get any info on this pls share with me and then you can shoot me

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