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"Reprogramming" a G3 Kiosk

Mr Noritsu

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I have a G3 kiosk (several actually) which have been configured for epson scanners, dual 6800 printers and 8110 printers.

I want to change each unit so that it just prints to one 6800 printer, and nothing else. I do not want print to print, I do not want to do 8x10 prints, I just want them to do 4x6,5x7 and 6x8 on a single 6800 printer attached to each one.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

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Hi Mr noritsu ,

wath's your soft ? is connected or not to minilab ?   older KPM 5.X or the new generation KPK V1.X

for the old version got to the setup in the operator selection here you can desable the print to print ,but sorry not disable the 8110 printer,for the new version sorry it's the same i think ,but maybe to the setup /setup config/servicesdiag/ tool for disable the option /you can disable the 8110 printer. ( i have never try it )

bye frenchman

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HI...I have a kodak g4 Station in order gs with rwo printera

Distribution a stream with required forms and inadvertently swept all programs.

instelled after 32 bit windows xp sp2 can install kodak software started with kodak picture kiosk v1.5

please give me a sulition that I am very sorry to have blocked.give me manual as i can continue to install...

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