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Kodak 6800 woes


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I have a couple of Kodak 6800s and I have a problem with one of the them that I'm hoping somebody can help me with.

Halfway through a job on Saturday night the printer displayed a Ribbon Empty error during the actual job. Lifting the ribbon lid reset things and it carried on as if nothing had happened. I should also point out that the ribbon was almost full.

Fast forward to today. It seemed a god idea to check things over and the same problem has arisen but this time no matter what I do it comes back with the Ribbon Empty error. I've tried a couple of ribbons.

I had a new Ribbon Rewind motor kicking around so it seemed like a good idea to swap that so that's done. I also noticed that there is a motor section in the menu mentioning Pre and Post Serial numbers. I don't have a clue what that means as I don't have an engineers manual.

Canon anybody throw any light on this please?

TIA. Richard

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