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System 89 dryer temp


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I have a weird problem with the dryer temp on my system 89. If i run 4 inch paper temp remains constant but as soon as i print 8 in. paper or 10 in. paper the temperature on the dryer starts to drop the dryer blower is on.

The tec guy found that as soon as 8 or 10 in. paper enters the printer the command voltage to the heater relay

drops. He could find no reason for this. Also it does not matters if you move the temp control.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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You could block half of your airflow, (the outlet) sometimes in Holland we have a lot of rain and our H2O in the air is high.

Our solution is the block a little bit of the airflow so that your temp is increasing !!

About command voltage of your heater relay is for me an strange idea, the heater is regulated by an optocoupler which will heat your dryer or keep it in a cetain temperature.

There is no relay on the pcb for this function, only one for switching to "boost mode" to give the dryer a boost temp. only at the beginning after a certain period !!!

Hope you have something found about this isseu,

Gr. Wallie

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