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PictureMaker Enabler options


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Was just checking my v1.5 kiosk enablements and found:

- Picture Center Manager enabler

- DLS CD Upsell enabler

- Windows Receipt printer enabler

What does this things do?

I guess Windows receipt printer enabler, allows a regular windows printer to print recipts?

But the other two?

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The Dls  cdupsell enabler is for qualex lab in US. not in use in europe/only avaible in US for qualex lab

Picture center is for the kodak gallery web site. not in use in europe / only avaible in US with a kodak account

Windows receipt printer is for the windows Os and printer. i have never try it !!!!!! sorry

Bye frenchman

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With the great amount of knowledge out there, we have a kodak kiosk-G3: does anyone know how to switch off the function of producing a kodak photo Cd on these? I'm fed up with sending my customers to the kodak online site everytime i produce a cd. Kodak say no way, which means that their do know how but will not share the info.I understand that in other parts of the world this is done, as friends have shown me kodak cd's without any additional software on them.

I would like to just transfer data (jpeg files) not the marketing data that kodak want us to send out.

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