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Kodak Template Creator?


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Kodak has stopped supplying us with Norwegian templates for the Picture Maker, and i'm looking into creating them myself.

Is there anyone here that have the Kodak CTS Template Generator plug-in? (last time I asked Kodak if there were such a program, they replied that it was complicated and they had never sold any of it.

So if anyone here have it, i would apreciate if you could mail it to me at: tor.kristian@gmail.com

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Hi Jvc1986,

For Kodak People everything is complicated  ;D

With kiosks there is a problem how to import templates, because they are using Microsoft Access to update existing list for templates, so it is a problem even if you have Template Generator off how to put it inside.

For DSK/Kodak minilab is easy, make template with Kodak Template Generator, and the copy it to correct folder.

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