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temp controll on a system 89??


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I have a DKS 1550 and cant find the temp comntroll to lower the devlper taNK temp.  Chimie.exe just lowers where it will let you strat printing until it heats up to a certain temp.  Is there a setting in SU I am missing.  Im pretty sure the software fir a system 89 is the same as The DKS machines (4.1) so any help would be appreciated.

mabey someone can point me in the right direction of a complete techinical manula for the DKS machines, I have basic manulas that they gave me that helps me with close to nothing ( cleaning racks ect)

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actually that wont change the temp.... here is some info that was passed on to me just in case you ever want to change your tank temp.  My issue ended up being the pumps outputting to much developer so I did not have to lower the temp


"The other thing is the changing of temperatures in Chemie.exe will not have any effect on the temperature in your baths !

What you can do in this program is tell the software, by wich temperature the dot in your screen (where you're temperature is shown) to be green, orange or red !

To set your temperature settings you must set a Pot. meter on a pcb on the correct value to change your temperature.

This Pot. Meter is located on the Main PCB where all your measure values come together"

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