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replenisher pump


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Hi: I recently bought a used system 89, now i am having a problem with the replenisher for tha bleach part A it seems that the pump is working but it has air in the lines. I have checked the lines but they seem to be ok. What is the proper procedure to bleed the pump?.

Thanks; Dan

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Are you sure that all tube are OK ?

Check the tube from bottle to replenishment pump, and tube from pump to pressure sensor (black cylinders near dryer potentiometer, there are 3, one for each concentrate), and finally check the tube from that sensor to the tank. While checking specially on the tank position check also if they are tightly connected to the metal tube which goes to the tank itself.

Also check (specially if there is bad sound coming from the pump when working) filter near pump (white plastic one).

There is procedure to test the pump in S.U., on the T element near the pump exit there is additional small tube with grey rubber plug.

Pull the plug out (prepare something to catch wasted chemistry), go in the S.U. chemistry menu, mark only the pump which you will measure, first one do not measure, then make 3 measurement, make the average values, and enter that in the field, press validate. That is procedure for calibrating the pump. Actually there is help button on the right top corner which will also help you with the procedure.

Before doing the calibration check air leaks which I mentioned earlier. Also check if there is chemistry leak on the top of the pressure switch (you have to remove the metal panel on top of the sensors to access it).

If there is chemistry leak there (common) then your pressure sensor needs to be changed.

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