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Kodak System 80 Software Urgently Needed?


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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone please help. My HDD died  :(  and I don't have ghost/DKS application software to do a fresh install on a new hard-drive. I only have the DKS backup folder which won't work for a fresh installation.

If someone could please help? I'll give you my account details so you can upload the applications via FTP to my server.



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Hi Perica,

As much as I appreciate anyone's help... Thanks for wasting 3 days of my time to tell me you have the software but you won't let me have a copy. I'm not really sure what you think you were trying to achieve by asking me a bunch of different questions with every reply and then finally telling me that you won't send me the application "Its special for engineers only to install" - That is complete rubbish, I'm a fully qualified MCSE engineer with more experience and qualifications than I care to list. I have a business to run, and while you were wasting my time, it would appear to others reading this post that someone was already helping out.

Next time you wish to reply to a post, it might be nice if you didn't waste peoples time. You have the ability to help or you don't. If you don't, please keep your opinion to yourself!

I can't tell you how angry I am that you have lead me down the garden path only to actually not do anything positive.

i.e. The heading of my post was "Kodak System 80 Software Urgently Needed?" not, "Somebody please waste 3 days of my time"



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Ok, I see that you are new to this forum, otherwise you could se my 90+ posts which were mostly (I hope) helpful to other members.

While we are now (before over PM) discussing this in such manner I will state my opinion about this matter.

I do not think that installing the software is so big problem even with less knowledge person then are you, many time with my customer and some computer tech guy over the phone I manage to instruct him how to install from scratch, but this was not an issue.

Issue is that I did not want to send you the copy off the software because this is something I will not do for nobody. As official technician my opinion is that the best advice I could give you was to buy the dongle (which you do not have right now) with which you will get all necessary software and you will be safe from 24 line pixel problem for a long time.

If you were ready to spent big amount off the money for the machine, then what is the issue to spent 500 euro more on the V4 and dongle?

I am now 8 years in service department and I am fed up with people who want everything for free !!!

"please keep your opinion to yourself!", this was really down even for you.

"and while you were wasting my time, it would appear to others reading this post that someone was already helping out.", as our discussion was over PM I also think that your statement is not correct !!!

After this do not expect from me any help in the future with any issue that you have with your machine, and I will think over if I will be visiting this forum in the future.

I hope that other members which I helped with my answers appreciate the help more then you.

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Hi Neil,

Your right!! Any forum info is exchanged on a voluntary basis and another members opinion is always welcome if it helps move forward to resolve a problem. It would be unfair to say that Perica was "No" help and yes he has offered a lot of advise to many members which I dare say has been invaluable. However, in my situation we seemed to be exchanging emails and going nowhere with his final email & comments making my blood boil!

Perica, time is our most valuable asset (probably 99.9% of all members)... You should not be "Sick of people wanting something for nothing", If you want to charge a fee for your consultation... Advertise so in the new classifieds section. You would be surprised at how willing people are to pay! The cost is calculated not in your fee but the lost revenue when a lab is down! Also, if you read your emails "March 24, 2008, 6:32pm" I actually wrote, QUOTE "Out of interest, do you have a dongle I can buy from you so I can upgrade the software to version 4 at a later date?" - I would not say that is a reply of someone who is expecting everything for free!

Thanks for your help anyway... It was still appreciated even given my anger at the end result yesterday.

Best Wishes


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