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Noritsu 2711/21 DLS owwners?


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    I'm looking for MP1600 info, so I thought I'd throw this query out here, since the Kodak DLS system uses the MP1600 printer. Any help w/uniformity problems out there?

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It depends on which hard drive you want to replace. But what about newer software....like 3.0?

If you want to replace the C: drive I would do it with Norton Ghost and just clone it. SOOOOOOOOOO much faster than pooping around any other way. Any other drive can be done with the system.

Why not jack up the front end altogether.

You know in computer years......you have the sphinx. LOL


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The recovery cd stops after the windows load? OK

If those are all the disks you have.........

What version is on it now?

I think the latest your gonna be able to load is 1.1a

This is the order in which to run the disks:

System recovery CD (Windows NT4)

Advanced system management software Revision 24 1.1A

Enhanced Services Software 1.1A

Basic Templates 1.1A

SI-1080/SI-1080II MP-1600 Setup Program Ver. F002 (DLS)

If you can find the 2.0 system management disk....use the two 2.0  disks instead.

I have disk one of 2.0 software if you need a copy.

Each disk runs by itself from setup.exe. (like disk one doesn't ask you for disk two)

My famous stunt is to search for setup.exe and run all that you find. ;)

I'm a bit challanged here as I bought mine with 3.0 already loaded. So I have never been though a reload of less than 3.0.

I can dig around and see if I have instuctions for ealier verson loads if you need. But it's pretty much just run the exe's as you find them.

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Hi Owners,

I am looking for DLS software to use SI-1080 scanner as desktop scanner(bought for ebay). Anyone willing to share the software ? any version will do. ( as updates can be downloaded). Not really willing to spend for the software, dont even know if the scanner is in good condition.

Thanks for your help.  

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dwijadas, i have the software with me, is too big for sendit by email, actualy the all software wich you need comes in 4 cd's, also youll need a special computer (regular pc) with several boards, like film scanner pc board, lvds board, extra lan card, an scsii card aha-2930, youll need an plextwriter scsii cd writer and a microteck scsii card reader, and a microtek flatbed scanner. any way i have the software, let me know how can i sendit to you

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thats quite strange. I only need to scanner to work, scan film and save them into digital format. As far I know the scanner connects via a SCSI interface.  I am only attempting to make the scanner work which I bought from ebay.

Else the scanner goes to scrap metal/plastic buyer.  Pity to see such nice piece of equipment going waste just because I cant figure out how to make it work stand alone.

About sending file. you could zip those CD's and upload to my server. if thats ok then I will send you my ftp server details.

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