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Kodak System 80 Tank Cleaning Help please?


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I just purchased a used Kodak 80 Digital Minilab. The first thing I wanted to do when I got it home was "Clean it"... It hasn't been used for some time and was in need of some TLC. I removed the PC, Scanner and all side panels. Cleaned the whole machine from top to bottom and replaced all items.

Next on my list was the racks rails and tank. I removed the rack's and flushed out the rack-compartments with fresh water. Cleaned each compartment one at a time being very careful not to cross contaminate as I moved to each section.

The racks and tank compartments were "Full of Crud". I could not even guess what it was bits and bits and particles of who knows what. Anyway, I loosened all contaminates with a clean dish cloth in each compartment and then flushed the whole tank 3 times with tap water.

The water in the tank was now "Clear" but I could still see lots of "Bits" swimming around when I shone a torch into the water. 50% was "bits still hanging around in the tank.. the other 50% I think was just the normal "bits" we have in tap water. Anyway, I flushed it one more time with tap water and then flushed a full tank of fresh bottled drinking water through it to remove any small contaminates in the tap water.

So here are my questions: Should I use clean bottled water to mix the chemicals or is normal tap water ok even if I don't have a filtration system on my tap water? (My tap water is average, but not crystal clear as with "fresh bottled drinking water"

How clean does the tank need to be before I tank up with starter chemicals? Is it normal for the chemicals to have "bits" and particles swimming around. I ask this because even though the tanks look "Really" clean now (hardly surprising after the above flush LOL), even if I was to flush it yet again (even 5 times more)... I know more "bits" and chemical residue will come out of the system every time. Is this ok or do I need to have the tank and racks "Immaculately clean".

Any tips on cleaning the racks/tanks/regularity etc greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Hi to everyone


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