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CPU-DKS-1550 or Kodak system 89


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Hi everyone

I am in desperate need for help. Please help.

I am looking for a CPU part (looks almost like a mother board of a computer). The machine is DKS-1550 or Kodak system 89.  The sticker on it says "cicclone dks2".  Or the whole CPU?

Does anyone have a spare or knows where I can buy a used one? All your help and ideas would be appreciated. I do have pictures of the part but don't know how to upload them here.

Thanks much

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That is Cyclone PCI PCB which is connected to Sequencer PCB near LCD.

Only place where you can buy it (as far as I know) is from KIS or Kodak.

But are you sure that this PCB is dead, what messages are shown, which software version do you have on your machine ?

Maybe it can be manually programmed.

Try to clean the contacts with rubber eraser (one used in school, but better is stiffer one)

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