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Kodak 4700 printer


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I have a Kodak Picture Maker II photo Kiosk. It runs under windows 2000 NT.

The unit works good with a Kodak 8100 printer that inside it.

The unit offers a space and shows a picture and the cable hook up for a kodak 4700 or 4720 small format printer. I purchased a used 4700, and hooked it up but my problem is the kodak picture maker II software does not recognize the printer. I don't have any disk from Kidak to install the printer. I found a driver on Kodak's web site and installed it, but still the program does not see the printer.

Does anyone own a system like mine with both printers in it.

I need help :)

Thanks Odie


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I am  looking for firmware enabler to hook up the kodak small format printer (4710 or 4720). I spoke to Kodak yesterday on the phone for over an hour they told me I need the firmware version 2.1.0 for the printer. The girl said she had it but can not sell or give it to me, because the kiosk I have is not supported by them, said she could get fired if she did.

So close but so far from getting this Kiosk working with the scanner and printer.

Please I sure could use some help.


Gerry (Global Package Services Inc)


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