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Kodak Express - APEX


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I have been considering a branding option for my small shop and had been seriously looking at KEx, based on some positive feedback. Do current members have any info about the new APEX machine and will KEx/ Tetenal be beating people up to purchase one. It looks an absolute dog, to be honest and I doubt I'd have room for one even if I wanted one. Any info might help my decision! :-/

*edited for crap spelling ::)

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The new Kodak "DIMA Award Winning" APEX dry lab details are available on the kodak website.

Demonstrations will be available at focus on Imaging by appointment.

If you require a demo slot please call Tetenal on 0870 224 1598 and speak to the Kodak hardware sales team.



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APEX is using Epson inkjet only for large format but it is option.

Printers for making the prints are dye-sub, and as option there is LED laser duplex printer for photobook, and with unubind system it is great solution for making photobooks.

In my opinion it is good machine with small surface and with modular design so you can upgrade if there is a need for larger capacity.

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