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LS2000 enablement


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From one of the first Picture Maker (Image Magic) we have a Nikon LS2000 film scanner, so we wanted to use it with our G3 kiosk, we got the enablement cd, but not the SCSI card nescassary to use it. Now after 1,5 year we got the scsi card, but now i cant find the cd:(

Anyone got it to share?

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I have it for V3.7, not sure if it will work on 4.0 ?

In some manuals Kodak is referring to this scanner as TF2 (LS-2000) Film Scanner ?

Regarding SCSI controller, normally every G3 has one, and if you want to connect more devices (6400 printer, Nikon LS-2000) you have to assign different SCSI ID for each one !

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Did try the TF2 enabler, but the system software said it was too old and not supported so it would not install it.

I have sent an email to the service centre for Picture Maker's in Norway, and asked if there is a version that works with 1.5, but as usual they will probarly use a month or two to respond..:(

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I have a Kodak picture maker 11 that runs under windows 2000.

I purchased a Nikon LS2000 film scanner and hooked it up to my system, but I

am having a proble getting it to work. The manual says That I need the Enable Disk

to enable the TF2 Feature. I dont have this disk, and Kodak does not support this

older software.

Can anyone please help me locate a copy of the disk



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