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G3 and USB Jump drives


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For a work related project, I need to set up a bunch of G3 PM V4.0 Kiosks with Windows 2000 to use USB jumpdrives.

So the hardware issue is solved (I'll use a USB extension to use the 6th slot).

The Software is the problem.

I was able to Map a jumpdrive to the hard disk (drive M) and actually print from it - good thing.

When the system starts, if no USB jumpdrive is connected, the system complains and disables the hard Disk. I can live with powering the system on with a jumpdrive plugged in or Run a diagnostics scan with a USB plugged in after the system is On.

The problem I'm having is that when the USB is removed, I get a nasty Windows 2000 message warning me about disconnecting the USB without disconnecting it before it.

Then I read that there are G3 "enhanced" versions that support USB memory and I was wondering if anybody knew how to enable, if possible, this functionality in the a "regular" G3 since this would make my life so much easier!

I'll appreciate any answer you fine folk can provide me.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Pronto,

There is a Kodak USB extension (FRONT USB PORT 7B6376),which is added as another slot, and there is off course enabler to make software recognised it.

One customer upgraded its two Kiosk like that.

If you do it like that then everything works normally.

So, your solution is to order from Kodak this FRONT USB PORT with which you should get enabler also.

There is also version: G3 FRONT USB UPGRADE KIT for upgrading existing XD reader slot (if it is installed) to have triple function: IrDA, XD and front USB.

I hope that this will help you.

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Well, for version 1.5 enabler is in the setup menu (I think), for older versions you need enabler, as far as I know there is no enabler on the hard drive.

But even if you have enabler it will not work (I tried it), because front usb port is not just extension from usb, it is reader for usb memory.

For example, KPM also does not complain if you do not have card inserted in memory card slot, and letter is normally assign to each reader slot.

By module, if you mean USB memory (I do not know), if you mean front USB port, it was ordered from Kodak (I do not know the price, but I can check with customer)

I can send enabler to you, if you want to try it, but it will not work.

Maybe this G3 enhanced already has this "front USB port"?

Regarding this nasty W2k message when USB is disconnected, there is one small software called PTFB (press the fucking button).

Just put it in startup folder and memorize message box, after that PTFB will automatically close that window each time it appears.

Procedure for setting PTFB is something like I explained but I did not use it for couple off years, search Google for it.

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Well, i dont think that's correct.

I did enable the USBJumpDrive (or what its called) through the (service)setup menu and i connected a USB extension cord to one of the free usb ports in the hub (same as the card readers are connected to) and it worked.

But i noticed the following:

If you insert the flash drive before the machine asks you to it did not work, but if you insert it when asked for everything worked fine!

It will ask for it after you select USB Memory as input and have to touch "browse pictures".

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Ok, lets clarify something.

Are you working on original Kodak G3 order station?

In the office here we have G4, and I tried to put USB flash drive and to read some images, and it works either I connected it before or later (v1.5), and no error appeared on the screen when disconnected.

On G3 each card reader is reader on its own and it is connected to the PC via USB hub, on G4 each reader is just extension from SCM controller board which is conected to USB port on the motherboard.

So I still think that you cannot work (normally) with USB flash drive even with enabler because you do not have READER for USB flash drive, not just extension from motherboard.

But I will be honest to say that my field knowledge is small, I installed only few KPM (most are connected to minilabs), and that customer which installed original (from Kodak) USB front port never complained about missing letter or order by he have to insert flash drive or something else, or any errors showing when disconnected the flash drive from USB port.

I still do not understand why are you do not order this USB front port from Kodak (or Kodak distributor), it should not be to expensive ?

There is way to set it as hard drive, but you have to assign folder (not just the letter), like M:\DCIM as a path.

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Now its not me who started this thread:)

Sorry Jvc1986  :B

I was pissed today because I had a problem with my car not passing yearly test  >:(

Not sure for behavior of the flash drive and G3, I tried it on G4 where it came as standard part and enabler was installed automatically after V1.5 installation.

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I'm sorry pskaro. I didn't mean to piss you off nor anything like that!

Following your advise, I contacted Kodak and they weren't quite helpful (they wouldn't give any information without a commercial account!), but the fact that the part you're talking about exists really is helpful, and my client is interested in the part, so I'll definitely look into the Kodak part (BTW is the part number 7B6376?)

Thanks for the pointer!

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