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Picture Maker Version 5 Software


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I have 2 V5 machines. The main difference appear to be in linking to a minilab, mine a Noritsu 3203, compared to V3.1 where you had to have your print channels decending from ch99 and would print on 4" paper for 4x6, you can now allocate your channels on the Picture Maker so now 6x4 are possible. You also get icons for enlargements for all sizes to 12x18 with or without borders.

You also have switchable Picture Perfect corrections, which improve the quality, but slows the machine down a bit.

Other than a few GUI improvements, direct access to enlargements icon, things are pretty much the same with the 6800 printer.



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Hi there,

I have been helping out a friend with his Minilab, he has a G3 that was talking to his noritsu, since an employee upgraded the software on the kiosk there is no lab options button or net print facility to be found on the kiosk.

Can anyone explain how this feature would normally work and why it might not be present?

Many thanks!


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For any version of picture maker software be it G3 or G4 you will require the enabler cd for the minilaby ou are trying to send to.

It is a seperate disk for dls software or qss on a standard noritsu. All versions do work with all versions of dls/qss you just need the right patches applied for some minilabs.They are all freely available on the kodak website (it is just a question of finding them).

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Ok, this is all starting to make sense to me from various threads i have on the go. (My IT Background is windows server 2003 environments and this is all abit alien!)

So each kiosk has to have an extra piece of software installed? a QSS 'Enabler'/'Patch' - Can anyone point me in the right direction to find this please or is it an install option when you set the kiosk up?

I then export channels (available print sizes and mediums) from the Noritsu, locate the file (chdata.csv) and then paste that file into the orders folder on the kiosk(s)

Then reboot everything and keep my fingers crossed?? :-)

Thanks for everyones help with this.


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