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Picture Maker LS Order Station


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Just found this forum, a great idea! I manage a photo lab in a large pharmacy in Melbourne Australia. Anyway to my question...

We are thinking of installing a 3001 digital lab, we already have a G3 picture maker running a 6800 and 8110 printer, and thinging about purchasing a picture maker ls order station so we could link the picture maker and the ls order station to the 3001. can you link both machines at once, any server required?

Can any one tell me how this setup might work in terms of work flow, is the ls picutre maker software customizable to fit my work flow?

Thanks for your help.


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We no longer run a Kodak picture maker, but a few years back, they did develop some software called picture exchange ( i think) this would allow a Kodak kiosk to save the images to the kiosk hard drive, these could then be pulled over to the minilab, I did manage to get a rearly beta version of this, and it did work.

I am unsure that Kodak still promote this, as it is not in there intrest for work made on a kiosk, to be produced by a third party mini-lab... But I would ask Kodak about this, as I know it did exist.

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We currently run the LS alongside the noritsu 3001, they are all on a network hub along with our main PC. Each machine can see the others etc. The system works well. When you have an order waiting the noritsu will have a flashing icon in the bottom left corner, you can then either print straight away or reserve in a queue until you wish to print. I don't know how kodak operate over in Austrailia, but here They charge you an installation fee of around

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