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Dks 1670 paper setup / timing off


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I can't run a pap setup on my 1670 anymore. Calibration card runs through the machine then then paper setup screen just hangs until you hit cancel. If you run the machine I get a timing error 4. I am pretty sure the calibration card is not hitting the densitometer at the correct time to obtain a reading. Is there a away to change these settings? Any help appreciated I can't calibrate my paper right now on both trays

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Is there a .ini file in the parameters folder that I can go into and change the value so I can change the timing of the densitometer?

Reason I ask is when we first got the 1670 they sent us a short rack for the bleach by accident.  Our technician went into a .ini folder to change a setting so the grey strip would read since it was coming out to fast with the short rack in the bleach tank. I eventually got the long rack and put it in the bleach but never had to adjust anything since the grey strip would read up until last week. My tnceech is away until next Tuesday so hoping someone on here has some answers

thanks in advance

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I did not know that there was a short rack for DKS3 machenes ?

You can check and adjust developing time in Chimie.exe and it should be set at 20s.

Also you can check value COEFGRL in process.ini, it should be set to 1.

Also check densitometar measure in S.U. to see if everything is OK with your optical cables, the RAW value for green in the gray should be more then 2000.

Visually check if the densitometar lamp during the measure is ON, maybe it is burn out ?

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also try on checking the rolls inside the dryer and the racks. Inside the racks, mostly insist on checking well those small green elements (I do not know the name in English) attaching the rolls to the racks. Check the optical fiber too.

I had the similar problem and I succeeded after I have checked the rolls.


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