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sys88 image problem


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hii friends .. hope all is well ..

friends i got another issue rrgarding image problem.

two days before i shifted my machine to anothrr place.. i changed chemistry  clean optical line nd prints come out perfectly..

today i ws printing and for lunch machine ws on standby mode for an hour.. i started printing again and all prints come blank .. no image

i cleaned pcihr slot, check gold cable,check small yellow cable lcd to tft , but all is ok ..

i restarted machine after 10 min and image come back again..

now problem is once a machine goes on standby mode for ten or fiften min or machine restarted image disappears again ..

i knw problem is between pcihr - tft- lcd ..

can you plz tel me is that can be problem in color measuring cell block or impag cpu



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hello friends .. i am waiting for suggestion ..any help..[justify][/justify]

i have two sys88 machines at diffrent places.. what i exactly want to know is that except pci-hr card, cable from pci to tft, tft board, LCD block do i have to take anything more to check on another working sys88 machine

since its far thats y i want to take all boards nd cables whuch are related to image display on Lcd

plz help ..



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