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DKS 1710 windows 7 driver


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Icorda - 1st you are saying WE HAVE, now you are saying THEY WANT ... children do combine like that :)

DKS PC is supposed to drive the machine and do basic image corrections with the soft enclosed.

Photoshop on this machine is a big misunderstanding.

BUy another strong PC and build Photoshop on it - both units can work togheter via Ethernet wire (through switch - or WiFi).

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What driver are you talking about, this is not Noritsu :D

There is shared folder on DKS "spooln2", and it is already assigned as Network Input folder in the DKS software ;)

Map network drive on the second PC to that folder and that is all, simple manual file/folder sharing procedure, no drivers, hotfolders...

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OK, then we are talking about DKS Workstation application, but it is not working as a driver, it is standalone application which can not work under Windows 7 :(

Try to install Windows XP 64 bit version if you need more RAM installed or use network sharing which I desbribed in my earlier post ;)

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