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sys 88 contrast problem


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hii friends..

hope all are fine.. i get a problem on whites .. whites are over contrast and it look like burned .. i check in sources but contrast is 0 there ..temprature is ok.. paper setup is good ..quality is good but only white is burned ..

do u think i hv to adjust any lcd setting or polariser setting ..

pls advise me ..



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thanks for your response nd i really appreciate for

his helpfull forum ..

regarding abt paper and chemical i use fuji crystal paper and lucky digiplus with kodak rapide chemical with temprature dev 40 bl 38  and motor speed 115hz

sorry its weekend and wi post all your requirments regardng lcd , polariser and response paper on Monday

once again thanks for help

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Polarizer should be checked with RED Filter Choice, but anyway looking on LUT Expo table which is OK, also the polariser should be fine.

Regarding the paper response file, I would recommend to change the paper _response_edge9Ap_primesp.cst with paper_response_standard.cst,

which is standard paper curve and maybe it is better suited for your paper/chemistry combination  ;)

The problem is somewhere else, maybe the chemistry need to be changed, but also the rep rates values are maybe low for the work load ?

Also it would be good to check pump calibration if the result is good after changing the tank chemistry, but going bad after some time.

But first clean complete optical line from the lamp to the main removable mirror, but also clean the measuring cell in the middle off the exposure deck.

The problem also is paper calibration as KIS densiotometar can not read properly the Fuji paper, but this can be compensated with general offset value after printing B&W image.


Next time put a smaller size images here ;)

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hii pksaro ..

thanks for helping and giving views on minilab problems ..

the first thing i cleaned optical line  like filters mirror lenses ..take out measuring cell block clean it and put box back..

secondly i changed chemistry measured rep rates

third i calibrate densitometer .. put papet setup and it is perfectly grey

print and it comes good

but the white is more contrast which was my main problem .. i was not having quality probl

so i do evry thng you suggested but no help in white .. the w

hite gets yellow now due to more contrast .. if i decrease contrast in source. it effect my quality sure ..

plz tell me if i change densitometr calibtatn sticker black white grey in dryer rack will it help ..

i do not have standard reaponse paper value... can you send me please



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System 88 it's DKS 750 customised for Kodak ? Does this machine have correction filters ? POlariser values should be measured without correction filters in the head...

LUT looks OK but POlariser for me is NOT OK. Pls put measurement of the RED value.

If my thinking is right...I see BLue is too high. In correctly set polariser blue value is the lowest one, green is the highest  - red should be between them...

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