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dks 750 dryer temp


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First clean the dryer filter  ;)

Also there is the problems with the dust around heater wires, clean that also, but also it could be the problem with bad connection inside the connector for the temperature probe inside the dryer and the tank PCB  ;)

Changing the actual temperature can be done with 2 potentiometers (1 for normal working temperature, 1 for high stage after the pause in printing), on tank PCB, but I would not recommend to touch it without technician  ;)

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check the offsets - maybe they are cheating you.

POssible also that thermistor (temp sensing device) failed, finally he worked several years in extreme conditions, he had rights to fail. :) lot of people  is failing at less than 70 degrees  ;D

U need to find temp measuring point (testp point, TP on PCBA) and check what voltage u have when when dryer is stopped, and what voltage when heater is blowing.

stopped dryer - should have between 0,64-0,75V ( 34-44 degrees)

if you have a different temp probe which you can connect to the multimeter you can check if system is cheating you or not.

According to the temp table (for DKS 2 but i think the temperature managing circuit didn't evaluate too much from DKS750) 70 degrees should correspond to 1,3 V - try to lower it down.  REMEMBER TO FIND APROPRIATE POTENTIOMETER...

for example to 1,15V (this should refer to 65 degrees. )

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