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help me  plz dks 750 problem  pskaro


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Dear sender - please note we could have our own businesses away from the PC and this forum so answer could take a while. PLease note since this is a discussion forum not a KIS service line or 24/7 support - the answer is at our will. Pls read forum rules and don't double the topics, don't double the posts, don't rush.

Taking into account that you have problem to find system.ini file in PC I doubt you would have been able to perform any other repair action suggested by forum members. Think it over bevore you wreck your machine.

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Relaxia is right, my PC in the office was dead so I could not answer to your question, and actaly I am writing now using my mobile phone :(

But I agree with Relaxia about forum ethic when posting questions here and I really do not like to be pressured to answer as I am when you put my nick in the thread :(

If you want quick solution, then call your tech to visit your shop and fix the machine !!!

Solution to your problem in this thread is not easy to explain to the person without expiriance servicing the KIS minilabs, and there are several things to check: state of soft rolles in the dryer, dirty exit sensor, bad densitometar calibration, bad densitometar lamp, bad state of the fibes optic cables,  maybe also the bad chemistry, incorrect settings in chimie.exe in relation to the chemistry used and machine speed setting...

But, do not expect to explain in detail, and I think that you will save the time by calling the trained technitian !!!

Uh, I think this was the longest post written from my mobile phone :(

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Pskaro - in the smartphone era ...:) shold not be so hard :)

If I remember well  - when DEV tank is somehow "polluted" with BL/FIX it can ruin whole development process. But then picture is very ...light and here is opposite situation. overexposure or processinng time too long...

On DK1500 you have own calibration picture with written values - and you can run it through dryer and densito and check values displayed on the screen - this is the way to check densito is working properly. Can anyone confirm how it works for 750 ?

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fethimilanoo - check if the densitometer is working properly. after that answer few questions.

Did you play with racks and chemistry before you started calibration ?

Did you touch anything on the tankboard/chemical board - especially the optic wire ?

Did you manipulate with filters in exposition head ?

How long time ago did you change your exposition lamp ?

what else you could do before this measurements failed.... did you in fact finish the paper calibration process ? I see only one measurement - machine is not trying to correct it ?

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