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Overtorque Potentiometer


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Neil - where? :)

Nortsur - you have started one topic that your motor suddently stops. then you're writing that voltage on the motor drops. then you re asking abot torque adjustment. obviously it is ONE problem - should be one thread. Several ideas around ONE problem should be focused in ONE thread.

Regarding your question - what torque you re asking for ?

For every rack torque is fixed by the spring in the pinion clutch. when rack blocks and torque is raising clutch is starting to jump. not adjustable.

Belt tension - between motor and shaft - is set by hanging the weight on the motor pulley while motor fixing screw are loose. 1,7kg was in the DKS2, could be similar in DKS3.

On the tankboard you should be only able to adjust only motor speed if I guess well - the motor driving part on the steering unit (tankboard...whatever) should be similar to the DKS2

but this is a parameter impacting whole developing process, it can't be increased freely.

Note I could be wrong since i have no idea how steering in DKS3 is solved. but knowing that tank unit didn't change since years, motor propulsion schema should not evaluate too much as well.

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You're right, partly though. And by the way, thanks for taking the....The reason that I have posted "several theards" is that I'm new at this and didn't know that I could follow on one theard alone. As I was saying, thanks for taking the time. All my torques are fine, except that of the drive motor, when I start the machine, I get a reading of 8v. suddenly after couple of seconds begings to drop to a complete cero. Changed motors. changed tank boards, changed power units (both) swaped computers, ( I have 3 machines) loaded a direct 10v to the motor and it works just fine. I don't know what else to do.

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Capture cell ?

At the rear of the motor U have photocoupling cell which is counting cycles from the encoder (wheel with holes, at the motor axe). change this small board and check for results. When assembling this PCB be careful - encoder wheel must be placed centrally in the photocoupler.

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