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identite probleme dks 750


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I think here the problem is that the original image is shoot at too high resolution for the ID Photo printing resolution off the minilab.

People often think that if the image resolution is higher that the printed image will be better, but that is always not the case and sometimes this higher resolution will on the end produce worse result.

That is misconception, because the minilab always have to resample the image to the resolution off the printer engine and as the printed image will be bad if the resolution off the image is to low, but also the printed image is often looking bad if the resolution off the image is too high for chosen printed image dimension.

The reason for this is mathematics interpolation off the pixels before printing which is getting worse in the relation off the image resolution and the printing resolution. When image resolution is low compared to the printed resolution the print engine algorithm have to calculate for the missing pixel needed for the printing, but also if the image resolution is too high compared to the printed resolution needed, then print algorithm have to chose which pixels are left for the printing and which are not, in the both scenarios it have to resample the image.

It is the same with Photoshop, but then Photoshop have maybe the better resize algorithm then minileb software ?

To make long story short  ;), for the ID Photo while shooting the ID chose very low resolution in the camera, because you do not need more then 600x800 and you can test that in Photoshop if you set that resolution it will show you that ID Photo on that resolution is 30x45mm at about 500dpi which is OK for DKS750 which prints on that resolution for that format, but for other minilab is even too much and the minilab software has to resize the image.

But off course the problem is that new digital cameras do not have even that low resolution setting, but it is better to chose the lowest possible, so that minilab software does not have to do too much resize interpolation to the printing resolution  8)

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Another one...

SOLUTION FOR YOUR PROBLEM:  When doing ID photos - set the camera for the lowest resolution possible - in simpler words, choose the smaller picture format.

Large, Medium Small - take small.  800x600 or 1024x768...

THis lab was build in times where 2 megapixels or 3,7MP was the top capability of the digital equipment.

CLear ?

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should be good.

The demo file You demonstrated was in this resolution ??

If it is bigger - make a copy, resize it to 800x600 or 1024x768 (any standard viewer can do it - remember not to change jpg quality) and try to print.

or make new one in small format.

write about results.

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