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Wrong rack motor speed


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I´ll get this rack motor overtorgue error everyday now. Sometimes lifting to hood and butting it down helps and racks start to turn.

Sometimes i have to but magnet under hood and press switch and turn main shatf little and then machine works hole day, next day same thing..?

Is motor going to brake down or what..?

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The best advice you ever got and will get - is following NOW: CALL THE SERVICE.

Your knowledge level does not allow you to fix this machine or any machine.

It doesn't matter what you have read but what's in your case. Did you check everything ? Every roll, every bushing ? u check voltage on the motor clamps ?

if you have problem and all other problematic places are OK - call service to REPLACE THE MOTOR.

U can buy one motor cheaper and just order service for the replacement if U want to save some money.

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