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E-station problem


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Got a strange problem with my e-station.

When a customer tries to upload their photos, after a while a screen pops up saying that the operation has been cancelled do to the hard drive being nearly full. ??

The hard drive status is as follows:-

disk C 25.5gb, 98.7mb unused (am I right in thinking that this is for the operating system)

disk D 46.4gb, 46.3gb unused

disk E 2.53gb, 2.52gb unused.

Any ideas?

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Thanks Relaxia- much appreciated.

I found a folder which was full of old orders, going back to 2003 (odd because I didn't buy this equipment until 2006....)

Anyway I cut and pasted the contents to the unused D drive in case these files were important.  Following this I tested the E-station with my own memory card......perfect!

I'll delete these old folders once I'm certain all is well.

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