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1550 Heaters gone haywire


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Did you manipulate with heaters connections ? it really looks like you switched wires... or switched heaters in the tanks :)

if not...check offsets

a) find any thermometer available - the one for body heat measuring is very suitable.

B) Go to SU-> settings-> processor-> temperature

c) measure the temperature AWAY FROM THE HEATERS. if the measured temperatures are away from the machine readings - set the offsets:

d) put the masured values in the right windows - press calculate. then press validate.

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Check your turbine washers in your bleach tank Strangely in my 1550  if it fails it ends up cooking both tanks

when this happens the macihne turns off all heaters and waits for the temps to drop as starts them again but you would normally get a warning telling you your temps are beyond limits shut down macine or continue Blah Blah Blah.

Could also be the tankboard starting to play up and or the impag board but that is a rarity..

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For understanding, this machine only heats stab until temperature in standby, during printing the dryer heater maintans the stab temperature. Very important is the temperature inside your lab, in summer you can get this kind of problem and as damooose says: the circulation of the impelers in the tanks.

If you want adjust the temperature with the potentiometers on the tank PCB you have to do it in the morning, There are test points (PT1=dev, PT3=BF,PT5=stab) and potentiometers P1=dev, P2=BF, P3=stab.  Voltage to adjust 3,28volt for 40ºC and 3,062 for 38ºC.  Put the voltage of BF and STAB a bit lower as for the correct temp. and then when the check LED's of each chemistry starts to flicker measure the temperature in tank and adjust little by little raising the potentiometers until you get the correct  temperature. Now you have to check the temperature in the Chemie.exe and the calibration of the temp. probe and adjust them. In summer don't adjust the BF temperature not very far away of the developer temperature. If developer is 40ºC you cannot adjust 35 for BF but 38 will be better.

Again for understanding: The adjustment of the temperature is done by potentiometer NOT BY SETTING.

Hope I could help you.

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don't touch any physical settings neither offsets yet.

damooose - this would be one slot - not all tanks. here u have at least 2 slots affected. (1 bl/fix+ 3 stab heaters 3 turbines but on one temperature  probe).

additionally DEV is underheated...interesting machine could swap the slots in the tanks :P

ralphie - look for the gremlins in the neighborhood - U have new people moved in from Ireland nearby ? :)

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