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DKS 1500 spare parts - sales


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I dunno I can do it here but I really have to...

Due to my critical financial condition I am forced to ged rid of my stock of DKS 2 spare parts.

Anyone interested, pls send me PM for the offer.

Pls DON'T POST HERE the questions "do you have ...", in order not to spam the topic..  

starting offer:

1. Tank board cards - new.

2. triac cards - 2 for pumps, 1 for heatings - new

3. Piezo board - new

4. Power supply 24 V - few Marteks and 1 FAB - new

5. rack motor 24V - bare motor without encoder and pulleys - new

6. Imagus 1500 scanner (SCSI, 2 gates) - used

thx in advance for helping me out...

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