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KIS DKS-4  model 1810D Minilabs


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There was some discussions here: http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1320758325/

I installed one DKS 1890DM (Max format 30x90 cm in two exposure), (DM is version with concentrated chemistry). Same exposure system as DKS3.

I am waiting for new software release which will be able to automatically compensate water evaporation and low use for chemistry depending off the print done (but evaporation compensation will be possible only for DM version as it has separate water tanks and pumps). Maybe low use option will be possible on both versions ?

Mechanically it is completely different, only software, exposure system and exposure cell in the middle off the exposure deck is directly from KIS. Everything else is different, from cassette magazines to paper processor and dryer, densitometar is external one Barbieri or another one and it is possible to do paper response.

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