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Kiosk problem


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Kis kiosk #1 problem.  On start up after 15 seconds it shuts down and then restarts.  It does this for about 10 times before it stays on.  Sometimes it will shut down in the middle of a customer working on it.  Is this a power supply problem that should be replaced?

Kiosk #2.  The touch screen monitor does not light up.  Connected a separate monitor to it and it works fine with a mouse.  The original touch screen monitor makes a loud humming noise though?  Also sometimes you can touch the touch screen monitor and the the correct action will take place even though you are working with the mouse on the separate monitor.  On start up with this kiosk you need to hit f1 to get it to start up.

Any suggestions for either of this units to get them to work properly?


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Any PC that boots then shuts down, the 1st step would be to clean it out, Ensure the fan on the CPU is not clogged up and is running free and have a look at the ATX power supply Fan is running, sounds like one or the other is struggling to get going and up to speed so it over heats and shuts down.

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