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how conect heater dks 750


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Well... DKS1550 was better described - it was driven directly from the relay card :) no jumpers between.

tadek - first, VERY FIRST of all - remove this dust, electronics can't work long in this conditions.

I don't know which wire is driven from the card - blue or brown - try to follow one of them from the pictured cross to the steering card.

next step - just swap the driven wires between the cables marked STAB and DEV. Remember - brown with brown, or blue with blue - DON'T mix them

you can play with them, never swapping green/yellow - combination is limited - unles someone will post a part odf schematics containing this connector. Powodzenia.

Guys anyone can picture this part of schema ?

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I am not sure what is the problem here ?

If you changed the DEV bath heater and still there is no heating off the bath, there could be only 2 reasons for that:

1. There is an issue with chemistry level because off bad contact or broken wire on the level sensors and by default the heater is turned off by the software, but in that case you should get the level error message

2. The triac which regulate the heater on the tank PCB is not working and you have to find someone to repair the board or to exchange it for the working one.

You can measure the voltage on the heater and if LED for the heater is ON, but there is no voltage on the heater, then that triac is bad.

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PSkaro - problem is that he for some reasons disconnected the heaters and he has no indication where which wire should be reconnected. Heater wires are swapped - Stab is heated as DEV should be. this connector block wiring schematics is needed to check connections.

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The heaters are connected in sequence: DEV, BL-FIX & 3xSTB together.

If I remember correctly the top is DEV heater, then BL-FIX heater...

But there shold be mark on each input wire for each heater it is connected, and on the end it is more important to connect properly the input wire to correct heater just by looking the mark on input wire then the sequence as that connection part is just a junction betwen the input wire and its heater and the order is irelevant, but off course it would be the best to have connection done in logical order ;)

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Hi Gentlemen,

correct me if i'm wrong..

the leftmost terminal is the neutral - all colored blue wires are connected to the leftmost terminal

then the second terminal is for the developer, then the third is for the bleach, then 4th is for the stab.

Dev heater brown wire connected to the 2nd terminal,   bleach brown wire to the 3rd terminal and stab heaters brown wire to the 4th terminal.

This is assuming that you did not messed up with the source cables or wires coming from the relay board/tank board. The wires coming from the relay board has small numbers in it.

Just be careful you may damage the tank/relay board if you messed up.

thank you and goodluck. hope this helps

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