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If we are thinking about the same power supply, inside the PC, they are pretty standard and can be purchased from any PC shop.

As for the Motherboard, they are costly..!! Have you tried removing the RAM cards and cleaning and replacing ??

Please elaborate on your probs with the PC..? I may be able to help you further.

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First you are in wrong section. This is for KIOSKS. You should put this in KIS minilab section. Second your problem is not well defined. There are so many power supply in system 89. But looking at your question it seems PC power supply and mother board you are talking about. PC power supply can be easily obtained from any computer shop. BUT.. motherboard is problem. you need specific mother board and it is very scare. I tried newer and faster mother boards but did not work with system. You need mother board with three white slots and com port for dongle etc.  

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It's MSI motherboard for Intel P4 - just check name and look on the web - you must get something. if you blew up the electrolytic capacitors you can still repair it - but better find a good skilled electronics service for this operation -  this is not the job for home desk.

PC Power supply - was 300W. Put similar or better PS,  don't look for the cheapest one, invest in something efficient and brand named:

Corsair - 7years warranty

OCZ, Enermax, BeQuiet, TAGAN, Antec, XFX - high notes.

Chieftec... it's lower shelf but still acceptable.

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You could put even very new motheboard model if it has inaf PCI ports and one COM port (additioal COM controller can be used also).

I installed on one DKS2 even motheboard with Intel Quad Core processor and one with some AMD processor...

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Interesting ... Did machine flew away ? :) could you share the what was the final effect ? no driver conflicts?

Actually it was not too difficult at all, and end result is much faster PC (depend off the components used off course)  ;)

First and most important is to find a good components, good motherboard with at least 3 PCI slots and 1 or 2 COM ports (for DKS1 there is need for 2 COM ports), or with 4 PCI slots if it is necessary to install additional COM PCI card, good and motherboard compatible processor (I prefer the Intel processors off course  ;) ), good and compatible RAM modules and off course very good PC power supply. I also recommend installation off the 2 SATA HDD (another one is set as archive partition D on the end off the procedure) and SATA DVD-RW drive.

Set BIOS to boot from DVD drive and sometimes it is also necessary to set SATA to work in Legacy mode so the ghost will recognize the HDD properly.

Just ghost it with OS V3.12 (I used this OS for all DKS1 & DKS2 when I changed the motherboard for different one) but I used the manual PC detection, and restart the PC and pull out the OS CD, after the ghosting operation is finished off course ;)

Wait for complete operation off the KIS files installation and ignore the message about new hardware found, but chose the appropriate machine model when that screen appears, and backprint configuration (DKS2 only) ;)

If there is a message regarding the missing CicEpson2K.sys, just browse to the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers

Install the necessary drivers for the new motherboard (chipset, network, audio, graphic card....).

Assign the COM ports as COM1 and COM2 (if there is additional PCI COM card installed).

If this installation is done on the Kodak S8X minilabs then also it is necessary (before application installation), to install some third party RAM disk software (I used superspeed ramdisk software), set this ramdrive to letter R and assign the 165Mb off the HDD space for it.

When this part is finished and there are no errors and missing drivers in the device manager then put the backup CD and copy all 3 folder in the DKS folder and install the DKS application and that is it.

Check all the letters off the local drives, DVD-RW drive, removable Device (card readers) drives and adjust it by using S.U. or manually in the dks.ini file.

Off course I would recommend to make a Ghost Image (or Acronis or...), because this operation will make this new PC a problem for any KIS/Kodak technician to deal with and they will have all rights to not support a service on it, and off course this operation is not for everybody level off PC knowledge and I would recommend to call somebody with good PC installation knowledge if you are not sure that you can pull it yourself, because as always with a non standard procedure as this there could be some new problems (which I did not write here), during the installation and only experience PC technician could solved it  ;)

I done this operation on most off the DKS1 & 2 that I service, but as I am only technician who is responsible for them then for me it is not an issue (but I ALWAYS make a bootable Ghost Image with Ghost application and Image on the same DVD), but I understand that it could be an issue with most off my colleagues  8)

But off course on the end I can say that I should not be responsible for any possible damages to any component and this operation is done at your own risk  ;)

Please do not ask me for any OS or DKS application CD/DVD, RAM disk software or something like that as I am against sharing such staff without owners (software company) approval.

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