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Blue tint in same area on prints (Pic Included)


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I am getting a blue tint on prints in the same place. It seams to be occurring in the same spot on all the prints and is most obvious on white. If it does not cross white it is hard to see. In the attached image you can see it in the white bar across the top and in the magazine UPC block on the bottom right.

Is there a adjustment I can make to resolve this ??


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Print "LCD picture" or test picture and try to figure it out if it's regular or not. Could be

1) a consequence of recent Red tint regulations - it could be necessary to repeat these solutions.  

2) Lamp worn out (best seen on "naked" PRNU printed, means picture of the LCD Matrix  without correction). but I don't remember precisely how the picture was named - i guess it was available on the list of "special orders")

3) COuld be 3rd lense moved from position, unfocused. usually noone is playing with this, so it's rather unexpectabe.

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