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1530 blowing fuse


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Hi everyone.  My 1530 keeps blowing th 600 fuses when the machine is turned off.

I had turned off the machine to do some maintenance when I turned it on again the 'on' switch went green but nothing else was working , no motors no computer.  

I called my tech as I know nothing about electrical issues.  He came out ascertained problem that the fuse was bad he changed the fuse and turned it on.  Expensive exercise.  But it worked. The next day we had to turn the machine off again as the shopping centre did its annual RCD electrical checking in all stores, this requires me to power down everything in my store including the 1530.

I turned the 1530 on switch and it the green light came on but - no motor - no computer started up.

I changed the fuse and it worked again.  Not thinking too much about it at the time I did the usual and turned the 1530 for for the weekend and on Monday morning the same thing happened.  The green 'on' light came on but -no motor and no computer.  I changed the fuse and all is working well.  

Why would it be blowing a fuse when the machine has been turned off.

I am getting no error messages at all.  I was thinking i would perhaps get a torque error but nothing.  My tech said it could be anything but the investigation would probably send me broke

Very confused. Please help with some ideas.  

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This then is the:

F1 = 10A protects the PC, the modified PC power supply, the 24 V power supply, and

the scanner.

You should try to disconnect one by one off the above mentioned parts, and check what is going on with the fuse.

If this modified PC power supply was never changed I would suspect it first, you can change it for some good quality (400W, brand name), standard PC power supply  ;)

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