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Lens Focuss on 1670


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The 1670 I recently purchase was way out of focus. I turned the 3 dials equally until the lens cam back into focus. ( this is what i was told to do by my tech turn all three 1/8 of a turn equally until focus comes in.

I just got a hold of the attached bulletin and it said to turn the lens??

My "lens is very loose and turns extremely easily. I turned the dial all the way around with no effect on focus.  If I keep turning to the right it starts to tighten if I turn to the left it spins freely. The red paint lines up on the lens and "dial/filter"

I was told by my tech this is a filter and has no effect on focus.  Where is the "lens" to turn in the attached bulletin?? Is it the dial/filter I am speaking off.

Lastly when I print the test print the top of the boxes are cut off (I cant see focus for TL and TR). the 1670 only prints 8x12.  Should I re size the test print in Photo shop then print??

thanks in advance

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