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you can use the same chem as the 1550.(I have both machines)  

I run Champion chem on both of them. (LOR developer 20 second cycle). If you are in the states/canada I can put  you in touch with the champion rep, he is a DSK tech and champion distributor.



why did you replace the 1550 ?  I was forced into the 1670 because I am waiting on a LCD for the 1550.

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From my supplier, Unique Photo, the cat #

Paper Developer = P140194    

Paper Bl/Fx = P140559

C-41 Developer = P140121    4x10

        Bleach = P140341         2x5

        Fixer = P140206           2x10

All are no mix chemicals as replenishers except C-41 Developer

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I use the big jugs since all my chem is lined to a sperate room here is what I am using. So far so good with this chem. My strips come out much better then with the KIS chem






Mydoprint SP




Print rinse stabilizer process RA-4

600ML ( these dont come in jugs just the 600ml bottles)


These numbers came right off the bottles/not sure if they correspond to the catalog

Rep rates 21 second cycle

DEV 130   TEMP 40.1

BL   130           38

STAB 400         38

Strips have come out well in range every time for the most part. ( I use fuji strips so the LD rus high)

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Yes pretty sure it's all the same chem. I just use the economy jugs. Both my machines feed from the same chem jugs everything is lined and automated.

LCD from the 1550 is still in a holding pattern. An old tech I know is fitting my pcb with a 800 ohm resistor and mailing it back to me. He told me he has seen this last up to 3 years if you turn the machine off at night.

This will have to be my solution for now. I have heard from 2 different techs 2 different things regarding LCD so I'm not sure what to believe. I feel the best coarse of action is to swap out the resistor and get more life out of my current LCD. I also have the 2 bad ones Kis sent me so I can swap the LCD out 2 more times with the 800ohms resistor. If all works out I should be good for a while.

In the meantime I have the 1670 I bought 3 weeks ago up and running so that is running and working well for me.

LCD issue is extremely frustrating since I paid 80,000 for that machine 6 years ago.

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if you are looking for a clean running chemistry, try Axel Color.  I started selling & using Axel in my DKS 1500 & 1550 in 2005 until we replaced the KIS with Doli equipment.


For the DKS, you will need:

CDPRVLR610 - Axel Color Paper Developer Premier VLR

BFDKS610 - Axel Color Paper Bleach / Fix

STBRA44100 - Axel Color Paper Stabilizer

Depending on your usage, you can qualify for good discounts to get the price very low (in the USA)



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