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DKS 1550 & 1M1500 SCANNER


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Hi to you all and Happy new year.

Iam back in the d&p finishing business for my sins & how it has changed give me back a baseboard & lens and a roller processor . now iam in the light iam more in the dark then ever i was went in the darkroom the instruction books are biger then ever and error lights are enouth to do your own lightshow. but iam geting to grips with it all.

Anyway here we go please can i get some help i have a Kis 1550s but the software on it for some reason is 1750 but seems to work fine.

1 /as the softweare came on the computer i do not have a disk & would like to get a copy incase it gos down i do play to get the hard drive copyed just in case so if someone can point me i the right direction please.

2/ The im1500 scaner i also do not have  the software for it if you can point me in right direction please.also for a slide & a 120 carrier neg carrier

I have had the scaner up and runing for a short time but now if  i want to go from digtal to the scaner it is grayed out on the sreen

have tried to swich off and re boot the DKS software & trun on & off the scaner to no aval i did notice on the front of the scaner just 2 orange lights no green in the book  it refers to a power suppley problen do you think this is the case.

also can i run this scaner on a stand alone pc runing XP IF SO Wheres the best place to buy the cabells & scssy cards

3/ can i just plug a DVD Writer in to the dks next to the cd writer .or if i have a networked pc & writer will this work.

Thak you for your info & time .



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You can pull out the hard drive and ghost(Clone) it to another hard drive in another computer that has the software. Or you can get  automatic cloning portable hard drive from a company called "Clickfree" 1TB HD for $149.99. Plug it into your USB and it automatically clones your Hd to storage. Simple

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We had a problem with our KIS 1550.  It didn't want to read the scuzzy dongle.  We thought it was the software and reloaded the software.  It still gives us the same problem, it doesn't want to load the program because it doesn't pick up the dongle.  It says "Version Unknown" When we click on the correct version 4.1, the program doesn't want to run.  What can we do to solve this problem.  

Do you know where I can get a new LCD for the KIS 1550.  I am in Cape Town, South Africa.



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ralphmalph - where this resistor should be changed ?

Beach Photo - I am not sure they are not the same ... Long time ago when they were entering the market I heard LCD had the same size but piezo block is driven differently. Previously it was x4 and x9, on 1700 series it was possible to make x16 which allowed to make bigger formats.

CHeckt the prices for 1500 anyway - you can still buy some used blocks, altough the fresh ones are hard to reach. AFAIK there is a procedure to regenerate LCD itself - i heard about it.

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