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Barbieri densitometer


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My DKS 1670 came with a Barbieri Desistometer.  I can see how to run strips in the software but it is limited.

Id there any way to

1. Plot the chemistry

2. Change the control numbers. ( they use Kodak strips but I use Fuji how can I input the control numbers from the fuji strip)

any other info about this densitometer and its use with the KIS machine would be very helpful


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I'm a Kodak guy (though we use a mix of both), but yeah, if you're a FujiFilm paper user you want to run FujiFilm strips.

Good for you for keeping control and taking the guesswork out of it!

Not familiar with a Barbieri.  Aren't Kodak and Fuji "hit" dots/squares physically in the same spot?  I thought you could just enter the correction factors for your process regardless of manufacturer, and be off and running. . .

As far as I know, the plots are identical:  Stain, HD, LD, D-max, and Y-max.  Where exactly are you having trouble getting the machien to read, recognize FujiFilm?

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No I use regular RA-4.  Yeah, if I used LOw Replenishment Rate chems I'd use the factors that are recommended.  They've gotten more intricate, different numbers for each other's chemicals.  I'd simply use whatever correction factors they provide.

I looked at that once, and the only thing I noticed being significantly different was that the stain (Y-max) was higher for the RA-2SM (the accelerated time stuff).  Good for you for sticking to the fundamentals!

I still use graph paper too.  Volume is too low to really need something like FujiHunt Oasis to handle a dozen different plots. . .

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