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DKS 1670 prints out of focus.  Advice?


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Please tell me where the "lens behind the lamp housing" is on the DKS 1670.  I read from an older post that after this lens was cleaned prints became very sharp and focused.  

Background of why I'm asking:

I recently purchased a used DKS 1670.  It was filthy, spent a day taking it apart and cleaning it.  It's up & running however, the prints i are out of focus.

I know it is not advised to manually focusing the lens because it is quite complicated so I won't touch it until the last resort.

I am also aware that KIS put markings on the lens (I see the markings) indicating what its most focused setup is and and they look aligned, pretty much.  I will tinker with it only as a last resort (I was told to turn each of the 3 knobs under lens 1/8" at a time and print to see if it becomes more clearer but I realize this can sometimes mess up the alignment and create a white boarder on the photos).

So in short, I want to try and clean the lens in the house lamps and someone did in an older post on the dks 1500.  I will try anything at this point before tinkering with the knobs under the lens.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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